U|g|CS One Universal Ground Control Software


Universal Ground Control Software for most UAV users

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U|g|CS One Universal Ground Control Software

  • Ground control software for most of UAV users
  • Used with single drone or drones with the same autopilot
  • No limits for range of operation and support
  • Stable on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu 12, 13 and 14
  • Compatible with many different drones

The U|g|CS One Universal Ground Control Software is the best option for most 3DR APM, AR.Drone and DJI Phantom users. You can install the same autopilot one or many drones.

U|g|CS (Universal Ground Control Software)
U|g|CS stands for Universal Ground Control Software. The software is universal because it supports different vehicle and payload manufacturers and provides users with a unified environment for mission planning, execution monitoring, and the inventory and management of unmanned vehicles. Currently DJI Naza-M V2, A2, Wookong-M, Microdrones, Mikrokopter, 3DR APM, ArduPilot, Pixhawk and other MAVLink compatible UAVs are supported, with an option to add more, by a custom development performed by the clients themselves through an SDK for third-party developers. U|g|CS is tested to be stable on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu 12, 13 and 14. This version of U|g|CS One is for the 3DR APM.


Compatible with:

3DR Arduilot(pixhawk)
DJI Phantom 2
Phantom 2 Vision+
Phantom 3(Advanced/Professional)
Inspire 1
Naza-m v2

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